About Us

mehmetWe produce most natural version of energy commiting carefully that nature give us.

We start this work from the core by using our experiment to disregarded mineral deposit. After olives are commited, pips become a serious enviroment problem in Hatay. That’s why we start to produce our aggravated, high quality, yielding our energy for bringing in olives pips to nature in Mediterranean, where olives like.

After our cereful and selective works, we realise that olives pips, which seem a waste, are actually very big energy source.

Gathering our knowledge and experience with modern technology, we draw up our machine, which makes coal from olive pips, with our team, who are experts in ther field,  and we produce pomace for industry, economy and enviroment in our facility, which established in 2012 on 3 thousand m² indoor and 20 thousand m² outdoor.  So we make olive pips, which seem like a waste, nutritious for the area and enviroment.