Pellets Pomace

Pellets Pomace is obtained by dust pomace in machine, as a cylindtical that its sizes are 11-12 mm.


Humidity and oil rates are reduced least level and the solid fueş system’s adapt performance is raised. Full burning is occured with pellets pomace. When it is burning, the energy value is very high. The thermal value is between 4000-4500 kcal/kg. The sulfur rate is %15.

Pellets pomace doesn’t make out cinder, ash when it is burning.  It hasn’t got any dust and smell.

The process of making pomace with olive energy,

As olive energy, we update classic pellets pomace operation.  We provide our specific production network by mixing our experience and originalty.

According to classic method pellets is made only pressing dust or pip pomace and heating. Pelletsi which made by heating, is broken easily and become a dust. But pallets, which our machine that we draw up commit, is het up by pressing without chemical additon. Flash freezing system is applied by refrigerating in different machine. So broken and dusting are prevented.  And right packing operation is done.

Pellets pomace, which we produce as olive energy, has got same quality with imported coal.